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3 Tips to Stop Mold Growth in its Tracks

Mold is an elusive and enduring fungus that can present homeowners and their families with respiratory and overall health risks when given the right circumstances.

Dormant mold spores exist everywhere on this green Earth, so while it’s virtually impossible to completely rid your home of this not-so-“fun”gus, there are steps that you can take to prevent mold growth from reaching an advanced and problematic state.


Tip #1: Eliminate Moisture Sources

  • Repair any plumbing and rook leaks, as well as structural damage and cracks that could allow the infiltration of water in your home.
  • Keep crawl spaces dry.
  • Incidental leakage or spillage should be dried out quickly and completely to prevent mold growth from triggering.
  • Use mold-killing products to clean surfaces that are frequently wet.
  • Ensure that the central air conditioner drip pan in the air handler drains properly to prevent water retention.
  • In other words, a drier home is a healthier home.

Tip #2: Lower Your Humidity

Just like moisture on surfaces can induce and ignite mold growth, moisture in your air is another ideal setting. The EPA recommends keeping indoor relative humidity between 30 to 50% to deter mold growth.

  • An inexpensive and invaluable investment for tracking humidity is a moisture meter, which can be used to make sure you’re keeping indoor humidity levels constant.
  • Run exhaust fans in the kitchen and bathrooms to ventilate humid air.
  • Ensure that your clothes dryer is properly vented and that the vent pipe is cleaned consistently.
  • Consider installing dehumidifiers in your HVAC system for areas with humidity that is difficult to control.

Tip #3: Remove Contaminated Items

There are signs of the initial stages of mold contamination that may be discovered in absorbent materials, such as ceiling tiles and carpeting.

These points of origin are common sources of mold buildup. The simplest remedy to dealing with contaminated, porous materials is to remove them from the house and dispose of them; they are extremely difficult to decontaminate even with fungicides. Swift elimination of these contaminated items from the home environment is the best mold-preventative course of action.

We understand that mold accumulation can be a serious situation and that prompt and thorough action to address the problem is necessary. That’s why we, at Rytech Nashville, are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a yearfor any mold concerns you may have. For more information, visit our websiteor call us at (615) 751-8445.





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