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Homeowners Insurance Policy

How Well Do You Know Your Homeowners Insurance Policy?

Does your homeowner’s insurance policy cover flood damage? Mold remediation? If you live in Nashville, you need to know this information before you experience a disaster.

Rytech Nashville’s mold remediation experts explain that, while not all insurance policies are alike, most follow a set of conventional rules. One common stipulation in most homeowners policies is that gradual damage is not covered. Neither is flood damage if it is caused by a natural disaster.

What is gradual damage?

Gradual water damage comes from sources that should have been fixed by the homeowner. An example would be a cracked water pipe, leaking toilet, or missing roof shingles. These are considered maintenance neglect issues, and most insurance companies will not pay for damage or repair.

Flooding not covered

During a storm, you may mistakenly believe that your homeowner’s insurance will cover damage caused by water running into your home. Unfortunately, most insurance policies do not. However, FEMA offers flood insurance to most homeowners in Nashville and mold remediation is often covered under these separate policies. Similarly, your current insurance company may offer targeted riders that cover flood damage and repair.

One type of water damage that is usually covered is “sudden and accidental,” meaning that the water intrusion could not have been predicted, such as a ruptured pipe that was in previously good condition. If this water damage results in mold, most Nashville homeowners can count on their insurance to cover remediation, although the extent of coverage is determined by the individual policy.

Sewage backups

One of the best things about Tennessee is the trees. Unfortunately, these can also wreak havoc on a home’s main plumbing line. When tree roots breach this pipe, raw sewage can back up into a yard or, worse, the lower level of a home. Many homeowners first notice a sewer backup in basement sinks or showers – and these are very rarely covered by homeowner insurance. Thankfully, sewer backup insurance is relatively affordable and can protect a homeowner from having to deal with a dangerous situation on their own.

What does homeowners insurance cover?

It is one thing to know that policy owners in Nashville do not always have coverage for mold mediation and water damage restoration, but it is also important to understand what homeowner insurance does typically cover. Most policies provide financial compensation for fire, smoke, and lightning damage as well as structural damage triggered by high winds. Earthquake damage is also usually not included although, thankfully, earthquakes are a rare occurrence in Tennessee.

Before disaster strikes

The best way to be prepared when something happens is to take preventative steps now. Rytech Nashville urges homeowners to review their current coverage as well as any changes made by their insurer. Keep this information, along with all home maintenance and repair records together so that they may be accessed if a claim is ever filed. An insurance agent or company representative can answer any questions and add coverages that are not currently included.


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