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Sewage Backups: What To Do When the Sewer Spews

The rainy season often causes more than just flowers to bloom. Sometimes, the water gets so out of control that the sewage system can’t handle it. This, along with clogged pipes, tree roots, and aging lines, can cause a sewer backup. The water damage restoration experts at Rytech Nashville know that this is a scary situation and one that can be hazardous to your home and family. Thankfully, help is never far away, and there are things you can do before the arrival of your Rytech crew.

Q: Why is raw sewage such a problem? Won’t it just eventually recede with flood water or soak into the ground once the clog is cleared?

Rytech Nashville: Outside, yes. However, when you are dealing with a layer of sewage inside of your home, that can cause major problems. Sewage is a Category 3 contamination. This means that it contains germs, bacteria, and other disease-causing organisms. The EPA cautions that inexperienced homeowners should not attempt to clean a sewage backup themselves. Instead, experts recommend contacting a water damage restoration company that has the expertise – and the protective equipment – to get the job done right while remaining safe.

Q: How can I tell if I’m being affected by a sewage backup?

Rytech Nashville: One of the first signs may be a toilet, bathtub, shower, or sink with water coming in from the drainage pipe. You will also likely notice a strong and putrid odor coming from these pipes. Some severe backups may also result in visible raw sewage, including solid matter, in your yard near the main access point of your sewer line.

Q: What do I do when this happens?

Rytech Nashville: If possible, open the windows to allow the home to air out. Be cautious and do not enter a room if the electrical outlets or power cords have come into contact with water. Block the area off so that children and pets do not have access. Contact Rytech to discuss the issue with a water damage restoration professional in Nashville. A Tennessee-based specialist can advise you on next steps.

Q: Once water damage restoration is complete, what happens next?

Rytech Nashville: As soon as your home is out of immediate danger, call a plumber. They can run a camera through your sewer line to determine the cause of the backup. Whatever caused the backup must be taken care of before you find yourself once again ankle-deep in sewer sludge. for Sewage Removal contact us.


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