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Water Damage Restoration Tools and Best Practices

Water damage can happen when you least expect it; all it takes is a sudden storm, a sewer backup, an unchecked roof leak, or an overflowing bathtub. This exposes your home or property to the hazards of wood rot, mold, and other water-related issues.

Not all kinds of water damage are the same. The Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) categorizes water damage according to its severity:

Category 1 – Clear Water Damage: The water damage is from clean and sanitary sources, such as water lines, faucets, toilet tanks, drinking fountains, showerheads, and rainwater. If not addressed immediately, it could lead to more serious issues.

Category 2 – Grey Water Damage: The water damage is from a contaminated water source and may cause illnesses if ingested. These sources include dishwashers, washing machines, and other sources where water has been used.

Category 3 – Black Water Damage: The most difficult kind of water damage to resolve, this contains dangerous contaminants like organic matter and toxic substances that can cause serious illnesses or even be fatal. Sources include sewers, rivers, and stagnant bodies of water where bacteria breed.

The water damage restoration process

When water damage happens, you can rely on Rytech Nashville to provide comprehensive water damage restoration services so you can move back home safely.

Water damage restoration is a painstaking process that should be entrusted to skilled professionals. Paying attention to every detail, Rytech Nashville’s team will go through a comprehensive checklist to ensure your property’s safety and that of your loved ones. The team will first confirm that the property is safe to enter. Once that’s been established, the technician will determine where the water is coming from and, if possible, stop it from flowing. Industrial dehumidifiers will then be brought into the home and moisture levels will be measured. Rytech utilizes a number of other tools, including infrared cameras and hygrometers, to determine the extent of the damage.

All water-logged objects and materials will be removed and the team will suction out as much water as possible. Things with Category 1 water damage will be dried out as soon as possible. Category 2 and 3 water damage will require the complete removal and disposal of exposed and ruined materials.

Affected areas will be thoroughly disinfected and everything will be returned to where it originally was prior to the incident. A final walk-through completes the job, and your Rytech Nashville technician will not leave until you are fully satisfied that your property is clean and inhabitable once again.

Rytech Nashville has become a leader in the water damage restoration and mold remediation industry. From its humble beginnings in one location, the company has reached exponential growth and currently provides service to 49 major markets across 25 states. Call (615) 751-8445 for more information.


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